Issue Briefs

September 2021. Housing, Health and Healthcare

Housing has a significant relationship to health and healthcare. This issue brief seeks to explain this close relationship and highlight approaches that can improve both healthcare and housing conditions for vulnerable Americans.
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July 2021. The Future of Medi-Cal: CalAIM

California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) aims to improve health outcomes of Medi-Cal enrollees by focusing on population health, person-centered care, and streamlined processes. This issue brief reviews CalAIM's guiding principles, primary goals, and whole-person approach.
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February 2021. Food Insecurity among University Students

Compared to the general population, university students in the United States face a higher burden of food insecurity, which negatively affects their physical, mental, emotional and academic wellbeing. This brief reviews the reasons for food insecurity among university students, the barriers they face and possible solutions to this critical issue.
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