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jigsaw puzzle of multi ethnic female face

health disparities, Equity, Healthcare Workforce

The Bonus in a Diverse Healthcare Workforce

Loma Linda University Health promotes diversity in healthcare workforce, which can improve healthcare disparities.
normal red blood cell and sickle cell flow inside in artery

Sickle cell disease, Sickle cell anemia, Sickle Cell Disease Comprehensive Care Act, Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centers Act of 2022

Legislative Efforts to Improve Care for Sickle Cell Patients

Two proposed federal legislation would improve care for individuals with sickle cell disease.
stressed tired mother holding her baby

Maternal Health, Black Maternal Health, Postpartum Depression

Protecting Mothers in America

Policies are emerging to address maternal mental health and disparities in maternal health, but more are needed.
gloved had holding vile of Covid vaccine and syringe

COVID-19, Bivalent Booster, Emergency Use Authorization

The New COVID-19 Booster

The newly released bivalent COVID-19 booster is yet another product approved through the Emergency Use Authorization.
doctor holding sign "Suicide Prevention"

Suicide Prevention, National Suicide Hotline, 988, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The New National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988

The new National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is here to help address the suicide crisis in the United States.
child's hands holding empty bowl

Food insecurity, hunger, Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Keep Kids Fed Act

The Problem of Food Insecurity in the United States

Millions of Americans suffer from food insecurity. Read on to find out more about this important issue.