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health equity, resource allocation, COVID-19, pandemic, ethics

Fairness in a Pandemic

<p>Can we fairly and ethically allocate potentially life-saving resources during a pandemic? Read on to find out more.</
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Mental health, Behavioral Health, Mental Health Parity, Behavioral Health Integration

Why Accessing Mental Health Care is an Enigma

<p>The future of health care, especially mental health, will be different. Parity and integration are desperately needed
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Surprise billing, balance billing, drive-by-doctoring, out of network, in network

Drive-by-Doctoring and the “Balanced Bill”

<p>Read on to find out more about state and federal legislation to minimize the trauma of surprise medical bills.</p>
social media boxes

social media, medical school, social media policy, Facebook policy, social networking policy, social network, twitter policy, Facebook, Twitter, online, internet, social media policies at U.S. medical schools, professionalism policies

Are U.S. Medical School Policies Keeping up with the Social Media Era?

<p>Read on to find out about the current social media policies at U.S. medical schools.</p>