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Police oficer arresting a young man at night

Drunk driving, Blood Alcohol Content, Utah, Drinking, Under the Influence

Utah’s New Law Against Drinking and Driving

<p>In late 2018, Utah lowered the legal blood alcohol content allowed when driving. How will the other states respond?</

CBD, cannabidiol, marijuana, hemp, state, federal, safety, quality, health

The Next Wellness Craze in America?

<p>Cannabidiol is ubiquitous but we don’t know much about it. Read on to find out more.</p>
Baby in danger playing with a bottle of medicines

Smoking, Thirdhand Smoke, Chemicals, nicotine, Tobacco

Thirdhand Smoke

<p>Have you ever heard of thirdhand smoke? Read this blog to learn more!</p>
medical staff happy and standing together by hospital

Nurses, Healthcare Workforce, Violence

Violence in the Healthcare Workplace

<p>Healthcare workers face a great deal of violence in the workplace. What can be done?</p>