The Administrative Oversight Committee, chaired by the President of LLUH or his designee, oversees the Institute’s strategic plans, financial performance, overall accomplishment of the Institute’s purpose, and quality of its research and other programs.  The oversight committee consists of leadership and faculty drawn from the Adventist Health Policy Association and Loma Linda University Health within the Schools of Behavioral Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health.  Members include:

Committee Chair

  • Richard Hart, President, CEO

Committee Members

  • Jeff Bromme – President, Adventist Health Policy Association
  • Daniel Giang – Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
  • Wonha Kim – Director, Institute for Health Policy and Leadership
  • Mark E. Reeves – VP, LLUH Institutes
  • Gerald Winslow – Founding Director, Institute for Health Policy and Leadership
  • Julie Zaiback-Aldinger – Director, Adventist Health Policy Association

School Deans or Representatives

  • Beverly Buckles – Dean, School of Behavioral Health
  • Robert Handysides – Dean, School of Dentistry
  • Tammi Thomas – Vice Dean, School of Medicine
  • Shirley Bristol – Associate Professor, School of Nursing
  • Rashid Mosavin – Exec. Associate Dean, School of Pharmacy
  • Helen Marshak – Dean, School of Public Health