Partners for a Strong and Healthy Community

Involved in interdisciplinary activities including education, health-related service and research, the Institute believes that building strong and healthy communities requires multiple stakeholders working together. Utilizing resources and successes across multiple sectors - education, health care, government and the faith community - IHPL actively engages in finding sustainable solutions to effectively serve the community.

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Loma Linda University Institute for Community Partnerships (ICP)

ICP promotes community engagement through service-learning, research, and programming to improve the quality of life in local communities. The institute is committed to creating sustainable community partnerships in which mutual learning and empowerment improve the health and well being of our diverse community. ICP also serves as the primary portal for connecting resources to needs and people to services between LLUH and the local community.
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Oral Health Action Coalition – Inland Empire (OHAC-IE)

OHAC-IE is a non-partisan coalition of oral health advocates dedicated to improving the oral health of vulnerable populations in the Inland Empire region. The coalition convenes health care providers, institutions and advocates for peer-to-peer learning and to leverage resources to collectively impact oral health programs and policies in the region.
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Pathways to Population Health

Pathways to Population Health is comprised of five organizations who work together to help health care organizations accelerate their individual and collective population health improvement efforts.
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Stakeholder Health

This organization is a voluntary movement of people working within hospital health systems who see in the current policy environment the opportunity to address the underlying causes of poor health in the communities by strategically shifting existing resources and partnering with diverse stakeholders.
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The Root Cause Coalition

The Root Cause Coalition (TRCC) is a national, nonprofit organization focused on addressing the root causes of health disparities such as hunger and other social determinants in order to reverse the nationwide epidemic of preventable chronic health conditions. Loma Linda University Health is one of the inaugural partners of TRCC.
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