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IHPL periodically develops briefs on current issues with a special focus on oral health, hunger, and mental/behavioral health.  We hope that our “Issue At A Glance” will inform our readers and spark a dialogue among stakeholders to better promote health and prevent disease.

Issue Briefs

August 2019. E-Cigarette Use Among Youth

In the last few years, e-cigarette use has spiked among youth because of their flavors and the marketing strategy by tobacco companies. Recently, federal and state policies have begun regulating e-cigarettes to curb youth exposure and use to these substances that pose health risks.

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June 2019. Firearm Violence and American Youth

Youth firearm-related injuries and death have become a public health epidemic that is unique to American society. Firearm violence can have lasting impacts on youth throughout their lives. The solution calls for prevention and intervention efforts that include federal legislation and community-based solutions.

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May 2019. Agricultural Pesticide Use and Health in California

While agricultural pesticides contribute to food security, they can also have adverse effects on human health. This brief will explore agricultural use and regulation in California, health effects on Californians, socioeconomic disparities, and recommendations to improve the health and wellbeing of Californians.

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February 2019. Mental Health Care for Veterans

United States veterans may suffer from poor mental health as a result of dangerous and traumatic events that occurred during their service. Although the Veterans Health Administration provides mental health services, many veterans face barriers to accessing health care.

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January 2019. Suicidal Behavior in Youth

Suicidal behavior among youth is increasing over time even though suicide is preventable. This brief explores the state of suicidal behavior among youth in the United States, discusses risk factors, and offers solutions at the government, community, and individual level to overcome this epidemic.

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August 2018. Telehealth in California

There is a greater focus on expanding and regulating telehealth to counter the challenges to healthcare access and affordability, decrease geographical health inequities, and improve health outcomes in this digital era.

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April 2018. Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is a public health epidemic that adversely affects health care and delivery. As technological advancements and innovative cost-cutting payment plans are introduced, policies must contend with the implications of the burden placed on physicians.

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