Policy Brief

Policy at a Glance

IHPL develops informative policy briefs regarding bills before the State Legislature, many of which have gathered significant national attention. They review the specifics of pending bills, examining supporters and opponents, their rationale, and the bills' implication for Seventh-day Adventist health systems. The briefs are available for viewing below.

Policy Briefs

July 2019. Conscience Rule.

The federal government’s final rule, “Protecting Statutory Conscience Rights in Health Care; Delegations of Authority,” seeks to safeguard the moral and religious beliefs of medical institutions and workers.

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June 2019. Public Option Proposals.

Two proposals in Congress will offer a Medicare-based public option in the health insurance marketplace to lower both premiums and health care costs by competing directly with private plans.

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May 2019. Medicare-for-All Proposals.

Two Medicare-for-All proposals in Congress will expand Medicare to cover everyone, establishing a single national health insurance program and eliminating all private health insurance plans.

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January 2018. California Food Legislation

This policy brief provides a summary of five notable state nutrition related bills: AB 323 CalFresh: Emergency Food Provider Referrals AB-841 Pupil nutrition: food and beverages: advertising: corporate incentive programs AB 1219 Food Donations SB 138 School Meal Programs: Free and Reduced-Price Meals: Universal Meal Service SB 282 CalFresh and CalWORKs

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January 2018. California Behavioral Health Legislation

This policy brief provides a summary of five notable state behavioral health bills: AB 40 CURES Database Health Information Technology System AB 1048 Health Care Pain Management & Schedule II Drug Prescriptions AB 1340 CME: Mental & Physical Health Care Integration SB 374 Health Insurance: Discriminatory Practices: Mental Health SB 565 Mental Health: Involuntary Commitment

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November 2017. New State Health Bills

In October, Governor Brown signed a number of health bills, many written in direct response to the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act and its reform provisions at the federal level. This issue of Policy at a Glance provides a roundup of seven notable state health bills going into effect January 2018.

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October 2017. Advance Care Planning

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services began reimbursing for Advance Care Planning on January 1, 2016. While this is a valuable opportunity for millions of Medicare beneficiaries to discuss and document their wishes for end-of-life care, many health professionals are unaware of this new payment policy.

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