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Behavioral Health, COVID-19, Mental health, Telemental health, telehealth, telemedicine

The Good, the Bad and the Future of Telemental Health

COVID-19 has forever changed the field of mental health. We need to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.  

COVID-19 Vaccine, Equity, Fairness, ethics, pandemic

Fairness in COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation

As we greet auspicious news regarding effective COVID-19 vaccines, how do we ensure ethical allocation of the vaccine?

chronic diseases, let’s move campaign, nutrition, nutrition facts label, nutrition facts label updates

Updates to the Nutrition Facts Label

Read on to find out more about the updates made to the nutrition facts label.

Integration of systems, Interprofessional collaborative practice, Interprofessional education, Oral Health, Primary health care

Bridging the Gap Between Dentistry & Medicine

How can we bridge the gap between dentistry and medicine? Read on to explore how they can be integrated.