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Mental health, addiction, anxiety, connection, depression, social media

Social Media: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Social media can be a useful tool for connecting to the outer world but there are pervasive negative effects as well.

End of Life Option Act, Physician Assisted Dying, and Terminally Ill Patients

Is this the end of the “End of Life Option Act”?

Riverside County Superior Court recently overturned a state law that gives terminally-ill individual an option to end their own lives.

FDA, addiction, cigarettes, nicotine

A Nicotine Reduction Strategy

The FDA is considering reducing the nicotine content in cigarettes. How did we get to this point & what may go wrong?

Mental Health Screening, Pediatrics, Postpartum Depression

Something More than the Baby Blues

Why is it important to talk to your doctor about postpartum depression?