Past Conferences and Spotlight Programs

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February 2017

Mission - Healing America’s Communities

February 6-7, 2017: Organized by the Adventist Health Policy Association (AHPA) and hosted by IHPL, the second annual Community Benefit Conference focused on inspiring and informing our health care's community benefit mission. Key topics included:

  • Not-for-profit accountability
  • Best practices
  • Building a culture of health

You may find the presentation slides available for download below:

Day 1

Day 2

September 2016

Diagnosis: Hunger Western Regional Summit

September 14, 2016: With over 120 attendees, the Western regional summit on addressing hunger as a health issue and other social determinants took place in Loma Linda. The summit was presented by The Root Cause Coalition in partnership with The Alliance to End Hunger and hosted by LLUH. For more information and presenter slides, please visit The Root Cause Coalition website.

You can also read the LLUH News article by following this link.  

May 2016

Spotlight on Health Policy Grand Rounds

May 18, 2016: Spotlight on Health Policy Grand Rounds was held in the Carole Small Amphitheater in the Centennial Complex, featuring Dr. Karen W. Linkins. Dr. Linkins is the Director of CalMHSA Integrated Behavioral Health Project and presented on the integration of behavioral health into primary care. To view her presentation slides and for more information, please click here.

September 2015

Being Mortal: A Documentary

IHPL and the LLUH Center for Christian Bioethics hosted two community screenings of FRONTLINE's documentary Being Mortal. The screenings were followed by discussion on the intersection of life, death, medicine and what matters in the end. For the latest results from the California Health Care Foundation on the screenings throughout the State of California, please click here.