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Climate change, ED visits, air pollution, allergies, asthma, emergency department visits, global warming, health, heat, pollen

From Climate Change to Emergency Departments

Read on to learn how climate change is linked to an increase in emergency department visits.

SSBs, Sugar, advertising, health, low-income countries, soda, sugar ban, sugar control, sugar sweetened beverages, vulnerable populations

Should Sugar be Banned?

Soda companies are targeting vulnerable populations, negatively affecting their health.

Food insecurity, SNAP benefits, TANF, food security, food stamps, hunger, low-income

What is happening with SNAP benefits?

Currently, 36 million people receive food benefits. This number could greatly change if a proposed rule goes into effect.

Drowning, Pools, Prevention, Water, children, safety

Drowning Prevention Starts with You

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children. Continue reading to learn how drowning can be prevented.